Wave Method Content

What are Waves?
Waves are essentially moisturized curls that are laid down against your scalp. When brushed continuously in one direction or another your curls will link up and create what’s known as a wave formation. Ultimately a series of wave formations create an over all wave pattern.
How To Get 360 Waves
If you thought there was a special brush or a secret pomade / moisturizer used to instantly obtain 360 waves, we’re sorry to tell you there’s no such thing. Fortunately what we do have are a set of easy steps to help you obtain those beautiful rope like connections you’ve been looking for. Hair health is a top priority. Content Below
  1. Determine your pattern
There are many wave patterns. 180’s, 540’s and the most common 360’s. There are hybrids but these are the most identifiable patters. Here’s where preference comes into play.
After you have determined your pattern it is important to mentally visualize it and brush at the correct angles to create the waves you want. When brushing you want to 'Start At The Crown And Brush Your Way Down' continuing at the respective angles repeatedly. Using this method daily for at least an hr will ensure wave progression.
What brush should I Use? Hard v.s Soft?
Medium’s your safest bet.
Hard brushes can hurt your scalp and soft brushes won’t effect your hair at all at certain lengths. Hair type can play a major role in this decision as well. A Medium brush can effectively brush most types of hair without pain or damage to hair follicles.
Here’s a basic brush breakdown.
For coarse hair wavers (4C) the longer your hair is the harder it is for your brush to reach your scalp and help strengthen and structure your waves. We recommend a Hard brush for heavy wolfing sessions.
The Medium brush is perfect for moderate hair growth. Its best for most hair thats not too long but not too short. ( Recommended for beginners )
The Soft Brush is perfect for applying pomades and for brush sessions fresh after a hair cut.
  Key Materials
Understanding the use of the materials needed to maintain your 360 waves are a major key to developing connections and not loosing progress. Below is a list of materials for beginners.
Hard brush
Med brush
Soft brush
Hand mirror
Water spray bottle  ( New Wave Capitol UV1 Mist Cannon )
Moisturizer ( New Wave Capitol Shea & Shine )
    2. Application
The more you brush the better. Precise repetition is key when it comes to waves. The goal is to find yourself brushing so often you forget you're even brushing. Some wavers cary a brush on them at all times. You want at least an hour of precise brushing a day to maintain progress. Below is our 1Hr Brush Session Breakdown.
1 Hr Brush Session
  1. Comb hair in mirror
  2. Mist hair with water
  3. Apply New Wave Capitol moisturizer & pomade
  4. Brush with a Hard brush for 20 min ( Longhair / Wolfing ) 
  5. Lay Down hair ( ziplock bag method* )
  6. Brush with a medium brush for 20 min ( Increase brush time to 30 min for Short hair )
  7. Lay Down hair ( ziplock bag method )
  8. Brush with a soft brush for 15 mins ( Increase time to 25 min Short hair )
    1. Lay Down hair ( ziplock bag method )
  9. Rag Up
Note: All brushing should be done in the mirror with a hand mirror. Seeing the back of your head will allow you to brush at your angles consistently. No brushing blind!
     3. Patience & Trust
This step Is probably the hardest part of the process. Expecting to get waves overnight or even in a few days is simply unrealistic. Understand that this takes time. If you have your pattern in mind stick to it. Don’t change your brush angles thinking there’s an easier pattern. There's not. If you stick with your gut and brush consistently you’ll be Wavy before you know it.
Welcome to the Capitol !
New Wave Wash&Style Method
The Wash & Style method is not only used to keep your hair clean but It also has other great benefits. After the Gym, after a long day of work or after a few days of slacking on brushing this method is known to help restore any progress you may have lost.
Wash N style Materials
All natural Shampoo ( Sulfate Free )
medium brush
Small comb tight tooth
Basic Method
Prewash and Brush for 5 min
  1. Use water spray bottle to wet hair
  2. Comb with the grain of Hair (Crown first)
  3. Apply Shampoo / Oils
  4. W/ Medium Brush, Brush with shampoo for at least 15 min. ANGLES are VERY IMPORTANT so make sure to use a hand mirror.
  5. Use hands to flatten hair & make sure everything looks perfect before putting durag on.
  6. Place durag & wavecap over soapy flattened hair
  7. Rinse in cold water through durag & wavecap
  8. Keep both durag & wavecap on until hair is completely dry
  9. Be sure to moisturize your hair after. New Wave Moisture Method Shine & Lock
Wolfing Method
Condition hair & comb for 5 min ( leave conditioner in hair )
Brush as you rinse it out
Comb out hair again
While hair is still wet
  1. Appy water and generous amount of shampoo
  2. Brush in direction of pattern and brush crown for 15 min at least ( hard brush) with hand mirror ANGLES ARE EVERYTHING
  3. Lay hair down with hands make sure everything is in place
  4. Place durag then wave cap over soapy hair.
  5. Rinse in shower through durag with cold water
  6. Let dry for at least 3 hrs
Short Hair Method 
    1. Rinse
    2. Apply a little shampoo
    3. Rinse
    4. Apply a little shampoo ( should lather up better)
    5. Brush 5 min
    6. Place durag over soapy flattened hair
    7. Rinse in cold water through durag 
    8. Keep durag on until hair is completely dry
    9. Be sure to moisturize your hair after with the 'New Wave Moisture Method Shine & Lock'
New Wave Moisture Method Shine & Lock
Fresh off the wash & style you want to moisturize and lock in your moisture. Below are the steps to the New wave moisture method for medium to low hair. If wolfing use med brush instead of soft.
  1. Apply New Wave Capitol Shea & Shine Wave Treatment ( Do not Brush yet)
  2. Brush in moisturizer with soft brush 5 Min
  3. Lay down hair with bare hands
  4. Use ziplock bag to lay hair down
  1. Apply New Wave Pomade
  2. Brush In pomade with soft brush 5 Min
  3. Lay down hair with bare hands
  4. Use ziplock bag to lay hair down further
  5. Put on Durag for about 2 hrs
Wave Glossary
Brushing Blind ~ a term used to describe when some one is brush without a hand mirror.
Crown ~ a term used to describe center or top of your wave pattern.
Waving ~ The act of trying to obtain or maintain Waves.
Wolfing ~ The act of allowing your hair to grow for anytime longer than 3 week in order to correct forks, develop depth and strengthen you overall pattern.
With the Grain ~ Cutting your hair or brushing in the directing your waves naturally go.
Ziplock Bag Method ~ Put your in hand in ziplock bag and apply pressure in the direction of your waves.