Our Featured Wavers

Could you tell us about yourself ? Just a few sentences on what makes you, you. 


“ I’m half Black and Korean.  Fluent in Korean. Always humble. “



How old were you when you first picked up the brush?


“ I’ve always kept up with my hair but not in this level or degree.”



How long did it take you to get to this level?


“Took me one year. August 25th 2019”



How Important do you think hair health is in regards to the wave process?


“Hair health is very important when it comes down to the waves. If your hair is in poor health and not properly given the essential oils and moisturizers it needs your hair won’t do what you want it to do.



Would you or have you ever thought about changing your wave pattern? 


“I have, but  I will continue with this pattern that I have for now. Maybe in about 6 more months I’ll change it.”



What raw oils or ingredients do you think helped you the most in your wave journey?


“Coconut oil and Shea butter was all i was using for the first 6 months”



How has your journey into youtube effected your passion for haircare? 


“I really haven’t been on YouTube lately. All of my knowledge came from IG”



Silky or Velvet?


“Silky.  But when it’s gets cold I’ll wear my velvet rags.”



Whats your favorite wave pattern? 


“540’s of course”



Do you ever stop brushing? 


Hell no ! * Laughs *



If you could go back in time. What advice would you give yourself when you first started brushing?


“I would work on my crown more and change some angles.”



Do you have any tips or gems that could really help other wavers who aspire to have waves like yours? 


“Stay consistent at your angles and your routine. Never ever skip a day of brushing. And never go to bed without your durag.”



Can you name some of your favorite wavers or barbers that helped or inspired you?


“Well of course 360Jeezy and Sir cruse and 360Silk”



Where can we find your content? 


IG @blasianwaver_1000